Rejuvenate Before The Summer

Summer is just around the corner!

Summer is just around the corner and almost everyone is excited to head out on their adventures and get outside and enjoy the warm weather, especially the busy, hard working professionals of Chicago. The long winters here are not pleasant and generally keep everyone cooped up and inside for a long long time. This is why Summer time Chi is so exciting for everyone, but you, you deserve to relax even before the summer begins. You have worked hard and have endured a lot during the Covid pandemic and this in itself is a feat. So why not treat yourself, and treat yourself to a healthier you, healthier mentally and spiritually as well as physically. Treat yourself with Chocolate for your body. You may wonder what Chocolate for your body. Chocolate for your body is an experience spa that utilizes unique elements of chocolate and cocoa to rejuvenate your skin, open up your pores and spruce up your energy and mood. This is an easy and quick way to reinject some life back into your soul. Join us in our spa for one of the amazing massages or if you want to prepare for the summer in a different way we are here to help as well.

Be Ready to Be Seen

Outside of our outstanding relaxation and rejuvenation spa treatments, the Chocolate for your Body spa and salon can help you be ready to be seen. Our permanent makeup artists are experts in their fields and our mani and pedi setup is state of the art. If you want makeup, styles or even just some waxing or basic body treatments we can help. Our Body treatments will make your skin feel and look amazing and new and our spa will allow your spirit to be jolted back to life. Let us change the way your summer begins, let us make you ready for life outside and long nights out

Career Change

If you have a passion for helping people feel anew then perhaps you will utilize this summer to develop skills for a new profession. At Chocolate for your body we are blessed to have a professional permanent makeup school that is illinois board of education certified and provides you with hands-on training that makes you ready to perform. Make your dreams reality with permanent make-up by Bernadette.
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