Refund and Returns Policy

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Groupon/ Coupon Policy

Groupon vouchers and/or Living Social Coupons are valid for NEW CLIENTS ONLY. Vouchers may only be used to redeem the exact service specified on the coupon, no exceptions. Voucher codes are needed at the time of booking. A cancellation policy applies. Vouchers will be redeemed if the client does not make their appointment time, cancel within 24 hours of appointment time, and/or does not show for their appointment without prior notification.

Cancellation Policy

We value your business and strive to deliver the best quality services possible. To help avoid any inconvenience, all appointment cancellations must be made within 24hrs of appointment time. If no cancellation is made and client does not make their reservation ON TIME, client will then be charged 50% of the grand total for the services that were reserved. For further assistance about our cancellation policy, feel free to contact us directly at 312-226-0777.

Reserving Packages or Multiple Appointments

At the time of booking an appointment for 2 guest or more, a credit card will be needed to complete the reservation process. If no credit card is received, you have the option of purchasing a gift card to cover at least 50% of the total services reserved. If you complete the reservation process, and are unable to make your appointment time, please call or email cancellation no less than 24hours before appointment. Cancellation policy applies. When booking a reservation for six or more services/ guests, a 30% deposit of grand total services will be needed plus a valid credit card to complete the reservation process. Deposit will then be applied to the grand total once the client has completed the services requested. For further assistance, please, call 312-226-0777 or email directly to