Permanent Make-up Academy

Level Up Your Life in 2022

Are you a member of the great resignation? Did you decide that you no longer want to be tied up to a local job and be stuck in a cubicle with a manager who dictates and controls your schedule? Maybe you have caught the entrepreneurial bug and want to simply set off on your own to build something great. Well, no matter which category you fall into Permanent Make Up by Bernadette has you covered. Through her amazing live course you will develop the skills and confidence necessary to launch your own business or extra income earning profession. Through her decades of experience Bernadette has mastered many techniques of PMU and is now ready to share them with you and pass her knowledge on to new generations. This training is live and includes all the necessary tools and teaches all the necessary techniques including brow shaping, lip lining, brows and much much more. The training is also unique in that we provide training on live models so that you truly can develop hands on experience that will be truly necessary for your success once you carve out on your own. The classes are also affordable and come with an official certificate from the State allowing you to showcase your accomplishment so that your clients can be just as confident as you in knowing that they are putting their hands into someone they can trust.

What the Training Includes

Of course the certificate and hands on training matter, but you might be wondering what else comes in the training package. No one other than Bernadette herself will teach you how to micro blade, how to provide permanent make-up, how to brow shape, ombré procedure, mapping, shaping and even color theory. Bernadette is licensed by the Illinois Department of HIgher Education as well as the Department of Public Health so you know that you are not only getting trained by someone with experience but also by someone approved and certified to train and help people develop new skills. Outside of training, tools and theory, PMU academy by Bernadette also provides the models for live practice.

When Does the Training Occur

Live training classes vary by times and dates as this is an intensive, hands on three day course and so for the best dates you should reach out directly to Bernadette or call Chocolate for your Body spa and find out the next available training class.
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