Who We Are?

Chocolate For Your Body Spa, Inc. is a full service spa located in Chicago, Illinois. Besides manicures and hair cuts, this company offers other services that include relaxing massages and permanent makeup.

These individual treatments makeup only a small portion of the total services that this company has available for women. Chocolate For Your Body Spa has convenient hours of operation and is available seven days a week by appointment.

Chocolate, the potion of Gods and Goddesses, is an antioxidant that reduces the release of free radicals and delays the ageing process. It has a great influence on the vascular system, sealing blood vessels, and lowering blood pressure.

In addition, it improves the mood, releases endorphins, and enters into a state of excitation light. In our salon we take advantage of the wonderful properties of chocolate in cosmetics as well as aromatherapy. Thanks to which you can spoil your body without the fear of excessive calories. All you need is love or more chocolate.

Opening Hours
  • Monday-Friday: 10am–8pm
  • Saturday: 8am–6pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Our Location
  • Address: 1743 S Halsted St
    Chicago, IL 60008
  • PH: (312)226-0777

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