April 3, 2023

Make-Up Training

Permanent Make-Up Training

Bernadette is a master at permanent makeup techniques and has trekked across both oceans to discover new technologies and methods that are used by global leaders in the field such as Bernadette. Permanent makeup is essentially a cosmetic tattoo that uses a super fine tip to insert pigment right below the surface of the skin. But don’t get discouraged by the word tattoo, these are not permanent as the name implies, they are only semi-permanent. Permanent makeup is most often associated with microblading and eyebrows, however the methods and techniques are applied to many different parts of the face including freckles, lip colors and even more. Now you can be the one to apply these tattoos and help others create a semi-permanent look that will help them get ready in the morning and look stunning year round. Becoming a certified permanent makeup artist is easy and it can help you start your own business quickly.

Whilst you may have heard of permanent makeup before you may be curious how it all works and how getting certified works. We will go into details about the procedures and how everything goes in our permanent makeup classes and tutorials but for now let us go over what it takes to become a pmu artist and how getting certified can help you boost your income and even start your own business.

Unlike most careers there is no formal schooling required in order to become a certified permanent makeup artist. All you need to do is earn a certification by enrolling in an approved course. Bernadette is a certified and board approved trainer with a formal cosmetology background and decades of experience and is ready to teach you all about permanent makeup. Training is quick and certification can be accomplished in less than a week if you can dedicate a couple of full days. Our hands on program consists of three intensive training that combines theory, methods as well as hands on practice.

Accredited Which Means You Can Get to Work

Upon completion of your training you will get a certificate that is accredited by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The training will teach you and prepare you for work in the real world. With the way the times are right now permanent makeup training gives you an opportunity to enter a growing industry and get a head start

Inclusive Training That Covers It All

In a span of just 3 days you will be ready and prepared to perform services such as: brow shaping, brow mapping, color theory, microblading, ombre and more, and what’s more important is you will get to practice on a REAL MODEL. This isn’t a simple class where you draw on paper and then have to risk your own reputation the first time you go out into the real world, but a comprehensive training regiment that arms you with all the tools, knowledge and experience to take into the real world right away. Our two training styles come with all needed materials and supplies and we provide a clean, sanitized location for you to learn.

Why Bernadette

Bernadette is a truly dedicated and passionate individual to the permanent makeup field. Her permanent makeup certification is recognizable and she has years of real world experience from operating and running her own spa and permanent makeup location. This training program will prepare you with cosmetic tattoo training, microblading, lip work and more. Whether you are looking to brush up your skills or change your career entirely Bernadette can help. She is a very caring and detail focused trainer that enjoys sharing her passion with other like minded individuals. Bernadette has traveled around the world discovering and refining the techniques she will be sharing with you during your training, techniques shared on several other continents.

Another benefit is the hands on training, there are a lot of courses out there that will teach you the proper strokes and details but few will allow you to practice on real models. Performing on paper and in real life are two different things and that is why one has to practice on real people, and we provide that for you included in your tuition. PMU training by Bernadette is the best permanent makeup school in Chicago metropolitan. Located right in the South loop of Chicago there is plenty of street parking and our salon is a real practicing spa that performs permanent makeup and more.

How Often Do the Classes Run?

Generally we run classes twice a month, but it’s all based on demand, you will need to spare 3-5 days depending on the level of expertise you want to get but you will be receiving your certificate quickly

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