Permanent Make-Up Training

Bernadette is a master at permanent makeup techniques and has trekked across both oceans to discover new technologies and methods that are used by global leaders in the field such as Bernadette. Permanent makeup is essentially a cosmetic tattoo that uses a super fine tip to insert pigment right below the surface of the skin. But don’t get discouraged by the word tattoo, these are not permanent as the name implies, they are only semi-permanent. Permanent makeup is most often associated with microblading and eyebrows, however the methods and techniques are applied to many different parts of the face including freckles, lip colors and even more. Now you can be the one to apply these tattoos and help others create a semi-permanent look that will help them get ready in the morning and look stunning year round. Becoming a certified permanent makeup artist is easy and it can help you start your own business quickly... Read more...

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